Kinectrics HamGen - Human Hamster Wheel Generator

Kinectrics HamGen - Human Hamster Wheel Generator
Product Overview

Formerly only available to our furry little friends, Kinectrics ‘HamGen’ is an up-scaled, human-sized hamster wheel that allows the user to turn their footsteps into usable electrical power.

This wonderfully eccentric piece of precision engineering is a super fun example of how you can create the ultimate people powered experience that your guests will continue to talk about for years to come.


Interactive power generation
Multi purpose playground equipment
Experiential activity
Developing communities

Technical Information

Generating Capacity (battery charging): up to 250VA
Generating Capacity (running 12V appliance): up to 140VA
Connections (battery charging): 50A Anderson
Connections (12V appliance): 20A MC3