Kinectrics PedGen - Pedal Power Generator

Kinectrics PedGen Pedal Powered Generator
Product Overview

Kinectrics PedGen connects to a bike in less than 2 minutes and will instantly produce enough electricity to power a 12V appliance... that is of course, once the pedals get turning!

Developed and built by our award winning team in the United Kingdom, the PedGen is the only commercially available Pedal Powered Generator, in Europe, that offers the build quality and reliability that you would expect from Firefly - a European market leading designer and manufacturer of clean technology.

Booked for festivals including LoveBox, Glastonbury, Bestival and Electric Picnic , Kinectrics PedGens provide a fun and engaging interactive power solution to events, developing communities and those who need the ability to generate power on the move.

Kinectrics PedGen can even be used to charge the battery banks in our range of portable solar generators using the stored energy to power larger mains voltage appliances.

Kinectrics PedGen Pedal Powered Generator

Low Voltage Domestic Appliance Power Supply and Charging
Meetings, Conferences & Team Building
Events and Brand Experiences
Developing Communities

Kinectrics PedGen Pedal Powered Generator
Technical Information

Generating Capacity (battery charging): up to 250VA
Generating Capacity (running 12V appliance): up to 140VA
Connections (battery charging): 50A Anderson
Connections (12V appliance): 20A MC3
Bicycle Compatibility: Compatible with most bicycles
Weight: 9KG